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Asus 1101HAG Eee PC Driver

Asus DDRII SO-D HYNIX 1GB P. Part No.: 04GB. Stock status: 1 in stock. Available alternatives EUR ( EUR excl vat). BUY. Buy Asus EEE PC HAG Laptop Battery by Powerwarehouse - Premium Powerwarehouse Battery 9 Cell with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. ASUS OAB XB0ROABTQ XB16OABTQ PE HA HAG EEE PC EEE PC H Eee PC HA EEE PC.


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Asus 1101HAG Eee PC Driver

Review Now that inch netbooks are de rigeur, PC makers are looking to bridge the gap, at least physically, between these secondary PCs and full-size notebooks, and the most obvious way to do that is by increasing the screen size to 11 or 12 inches.

On the contrary, this Though less svelte than the inch-thick HAthe HA has similar curved panels and a sharp look. Gone, however, is the uniform body of the HA; no plastic covers the edges or hides the ports.

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Its glossy lid, only available in black, is covered in a scratch-resistant Infusion Finish, which is far from fingerprint resistant, so you'll want to keep a cloth Asus 1101HAG Eee PC. At However, the h is thinner, staying at a constant 1 inch thick, whereas the HA tapers from 1 inch at its front to 1.

Still, the Asus 1101HAG Eee PC six-cell battery is better concealed, and doesn't protrude like those on the h and S Tipping the scales at 3 pounds and 3. On the right side are a 3-in-1 memory card reader, an Ethernet port, two USB ports bringing the USB total to threeand headphone and microphone jacks. Unlike the Aspire One Asus 1101HAG Eee PC, there are no spaces between the raised black matte keys, which are more akin to those on the IdeaPad S The keys provide nice, tactile feedback.

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In a slight regression to earlier Eee PCs, the right Shift key is undersized; however, it is in the correct position. ASUS should have made better use of available space; while the notebook is the same width as the Aspire One h, the HA's keyboard is just Similarly, ASUS could have used the larger chassis to incorporate a more spacious touchpad; Asus 1101HAG Eee PC it is, the touchpad is the same size 2.

Also like its smaller brother and the HA, the touchpad blends in with system's deck and Asus 1101HAG Eee PC covered with small, braille-like dots.

The pad had very little friction, and navigating the desktop didn't require much backtracking. As with other Eee PCs, the touchpad also supports multitouch gestures; using two fingers to pinch the pad and zoom in on a Web page in Firefox was easy, and the image quickly rendered in its new size. The single mouse button was comfortable for making Asus 1101HAG Eee PC, although we prefer the Toshiba mini NB's larger 3.

Display, Audio, and Webcam The A p video "Super Speedway" was crisp, and colors were bright. Unfortunately, playback was less than smooth more on that below.

[SOLVED] Asus EEEPC HaG and GMA - Porteus

Tilting the glossy screen back 45 degrees resulted in a slight glare; horizontal viewing angles were better. From afar, the glossiness of the black bezel made it look as if the screen were flush with the frame; up close, though, you can see that the bezel is slightly raised.

Above the display, a 1. Our chat buddy was able to see fine details on our face, and saw little motion blur when we waved quickly. The speakers, located at the bottom front edge of the system, allowed us to hear Asus 1101HAG Eee PC voice loud Asus 1101HAG Eee PC clear from across the room. Similarly, when we listened to The Killers' "Shadowplay" streamed from Pandora, the sound was loud enough for a few people clustered nearby, but provided the usual netbook tinniness.

AC adapter Charger Power Supply for Asus Eee PC PEB HAB HAG HA eBay

Performance Configured with the same 1. Asus 1101HAG Eee PC couldn't get PCMark05 our standard performance benchmark for XP-based systems to run, but on Geekbench, the HA scored ; that's nearly identical to the Aspire One h, which notched on the same test.


This performance carried over into our everyday computing tasks; writing this review in Microsoft Word and streaming video from Hulu with multiple tabs open didn't cause any system hang-ups. The somewhat misleading High Performance mode keeps the clock speed at the rated 1.


The Intel GMA integrated graphics chip with MB of shared memory delivered a score of 88 on 3DMark06, which was 8 points lower Asus 1101HAG Eee PC the category average, but about 40 points below the inch Samsung NC20 netbook. A downloaded high-definition p video clip "Super Speedway" played back poorly. While audio was smooth and steady, video would stutter and Asus 1101HAG Eee PC constantly. We also transcoded a 5: The Lenovo IdeaPad S12 completed the test in Regardless, a dual-core notebook is a better investment if you'll be doing this type of activity often.


Once again, the IdeaPad S12 still leads the way with a transfer rate of The system stayed cool while running our transcode test--the underside, the space between the G and H keys, and the touchpad never exceeded 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

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