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Avance Logic RTL8111 B Driver

My NIC RTL/B does not receive an IP address. with a Realtek RTLB/RTLC on board LAN controller. . Oh well where did I put my XP Pro, Logic Audio and Sound Forge discs? . Thanks in advance!!! 15ad LSI Logic Parallel SCSI Controller; PRIMERGY BX/RX/TX VAS [Golden Gate II]; Tollgate; Avance Logic Inc. [ALI] e Motherboard; c Onboard RTLb on MSI P Platinum. UA Aureal AU, AU, AU Avance Logic ALS, ALS1X0, . Realtek Realtek MB-P45TT20 P45+ICH10 RTLB ALC ASRock Intel.


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Avance Logic RTL8111 B Driver

Realtek Wireless not connecting? - Linux Mint Forums

Should get an IP address Additional info: Have speed issues with Fedora 9 as well. Some times network works and some times it doesn't with Fedora 9 2.


It does seem to work with Fedora 10 Alpha when I give it an address. Try to set speed and duplex in Fedora 9 and it doesn't seem to take it.

Always" isn't really true. I did change my dhcp server to have a reserved IP and that seems to help.

So now I would say it happens about 50 percent of the time. I decided to install the Fedora 10 kernel and it works better than the Fedora 9 one. I installed Avance Logic RTL8111 B Could you take a look at the following bugs: Bug F8Bug F9Bugand see if they are related.

In Avance Logic RTL8111 B case I never get the network to work unless, as root, I do: It appears to be fixed on the following recent kernels: A nasty problem which so far is a show stopper for F This is my Smolt profile: For me it is a showstopper. Maybe it's just me, but if I can't prepare F10 installation using rawhide I wont be able to install Avance Logic RTL8111 B in due time.

I'll probably have to wait for F When I did that, and pinged another computer on the same network, after a while I got a kernel error see attached file. This is kernel 2.

No network via ethernet after resume from suspend - Support & Help Requests - Ubuntu MATE Community

Notice that everything works OK after I manually do "rmmod r; modprobe r". It didn't work either, all pings showed "destination unreachable", but after a while the kernel got an error backtrace was the same as in Avance Logic RTL8111 B 9some addresses a bit different though.

What then happened is that I started getting pings back. Could the kernel error have had the same effect as "rmmod r; modprobe r"?


Please test a kernel version 2. Chuck, this is the last version I tested see Comment Unfortunately it didn't solve the problem on this HW: You reported testing 2. Now I just Avance Logic RTL8111 B rawhide, which installed kernel 2.

It still presents problems here, and whenever I log in I get a kernel failure message pop up the same stack trace as in comment 9but all addresses changed. I think he asked for kernel 2. I'll try as soon as possible.

Logical HDMI display reconnection - OS X Yosemite - InsanelyMac Forum

Don't know if this can serve as a clue, but I noticed that the interrupts for the eth0 are very numerous before I do "rmmod r; modprobe r" First is that udev renames eth0 to eth1, this is an extract of dmesg: RTLs at 0xff00, On the other computer I ran tcpdump and could see the ping requests received and replies sent. After a while of pinging, I got a popup indicating there had Avance Logic RTL8111 B a kernel failure.

The third thing is that with the network up I then tried to reload the kernel module with "rmmod r; modprobe r".

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