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Axis 243SA Driver

The AXIS SA Video Server enables high resolution, full frame rate video surveillance and remote monitoring in MPEG-4 and Motion, JPEG. AXW-AVT with Axis SA Video Server (Standalone Only). Configuration Notes: 1. AX-series video door station connects to 'DOOR' input of AXW-AVT. Axis Communications launches AXIS SA Video Server, the first one-channel video server that supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).


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Axis 243SA Driver

The AXIS S Video Server digitizes analog video streams and transmits them at full frame rate over an IP network, enabling remote viewing of video in real Axis 243SA on a local area network or the Internet. Enter your search terms Submit search form. Formore information on supported browsers, see the Technical specifications, on page Accessing the Setup toolsFollow the instructions below to access the Setup Tools from Axis 243SA web browser.

The Live View page is now displayed. Click Setup to display the Setup tools. Fordetails of each setting, please refer to the online help available from each page.

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Click toaccess the online help. Image settingsImage AppearanceModify the Image Appearance to optimize the video images according to yourrequirements. All configuration of images and overlays will affect the performance of the video server,depending Axis 243SA the usage and the available bandwidth. Axis 243SA


The color of thetext may be set to white or black, while background color may be set to white, black,transparent or semitransparent. Axis 243SA position of the text is set either to the top or the bottomof the image.

Axis Communications Q Replacement for Axis Communications

When the set time has expired, a new stream onthe Live View page can be started by refreshing the page in the web browser. Note that themaximum video stream time does not apply to Axis 243SA connecting via multicast. To avoid bandwidth problems on the network, the frame rate allowed to each viewer canalso be limited. Select either Unlimited or define Axis 243SA maximum frame rate per viewer.

AXIS SA Video Server for analog - สินค้าคุณภาพ เช็คราคาสินค้าชั้นนำต้องที่

TestFor a preview of the image and overlay settings before saving, click Test. When you aresatisfied with the settings, click Save. See page 63 for more information. Axis 243SA settings also allow you to eliminate black borders surrounding the image, by makingOffset adjustments.

The MPEG-4 standard provides many different coding tools for various applications indifferent situations. As most MPEG-4 clients do not support all these tools, it is usual toinstead define and use subsets for different clients or groups of clients. Axis 243SA

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These settings allowyou to define the type of viewing client to use. Adjusting Axis 243SA maximum bit rate and setting it to variable or constant is a good way ofcontrolling the bandwidth used by the MPEG-4 video stream.


For more information on these advanced settings, please see the online help. Adjusting themaximum frame Axis 243SA helps to control the bandwidth and storage used by the MJPEG videostream in these situations.

Defining the frame size as Unlimited provides consistently goodimage quality at the expense of increased Axis 243SA and storage usage during low light. Limiting the frame size optimizes bandwidth and storage usage, but gives poor imagequality.

To Axis 243SA increased bandwidth and storage usage, the maximum frame sizeshould be set to an optimal value. See the online help for further information. Upload and use an overlay image1.

New options appear. In the field Upload own image, Axis 243SA the Browse button and locate the image fileon your computer or server. Click the Upload button and follow the on-screen Axis 243SA. To use an already uploaded image: Select an uploaded image from the Use image drop-down list.

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