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Advantech LabTool-48XP Driver

Upgrading the LABTOOLUXP Software Advantech provide quarterly formal releases of the LABTOOLUXP software on web, please. All existing labtool can purchase the upgrade kit to upgrade the of customers who has notebook without EPP in parallel port, Advantech Equipment. hi I have a universal programmer named Advantech LAB TOOL but I dont have any driver software to use it.I have already searched in the  Advantech LAB TOOL USB with Win7 64bits.


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Advantech LabTool-48XP Driver

The following screen will appear: Figure 4.

Other useful example in device, package and adapter. Select the type of device that will Advantech LabTool-48XP the active device. Use the up and down arrows to go to the appropriate type.


Press the space bar to select the type. Enter the part number, the manufacturer number, Advantech LabTool-48XP parts of both in the Search box. Mouse Click on Search. Type in the character. Type in Advantech LabTool-48XP known characters.

  • LABTOOLUXP Advantech Ciiva
  • LabTool 48UXP User'sManual(en)
  • Media Converter
  • LABTOOL-48UXP - Programmer USB/Parallel Port, Advantech Equipment

All Advantech LabTool-48XP devices that satisfy this partial information will be displayed. Use the mouse to select a device, and Advantech LabTool-48XP OK. If you are not using a mouse, use the TAB key to skip between the various screens, and use the arrow keys to move around in each screen. When enter mass production mode, all keyboard and mouse functions are disabled.

The operator needs only to insert the chip into Advantech LabTool-48XP ZIF socket, wait until the green LED next to the socket flash, remove the programmed chip and insert new chip. Anyone can do the job well without special training Advantech LabTool-48XP skills.

Advantech Lab Tool 48 Intelligent Universal EPROM Programmer 8 to 48 Pin

Since all keyboard and mouse functions are disabled, the possibility of errors being caused by pressing the wrong keys Advantech LabTool-48XP changing the buffers contents are eliminated. It then automatically programs the chip. The insertion test must be enabled in operation option set up in mass-production mode to ensure yield rate Advantech LabTool-48XP programming. Necessary set up in mass production mode.

Driver Requirement for ADVANTECH LAB TOOL-48

After enter mass production mode a series screen will display and asking the user to fill the set up and confirm it, first you need to fill the operation set up menu for Advantech LabTool-48XP set up, please reference to the device operation option Advantech LabTool-48XP then configuration set up menu this configuration set up menu is device specific, only chip with configuration register has this 24 Advantech LabTool-48XP and the contents is different from chip to chipreference to device configuration section.

The last set up menu is statistic configuration set up, detail of the statistic please reference to statistic section of this manual. Start the mass production mode After fill and confirm all the above set up, the figure 4. No any error occur, the programmer will perform all the job define by the operation option, after complete the programming a beep will generated by PC and the good LED lamp will flash indicate Advantech LabTool-48XP chip successfully.

LABTOOL48UXP Programmer USB/Parallel Port Advantech Equipment

No change in color means no contact, red color shows program error when attempt to Advantech LabTool-48XP the chip, PC will generated two tone to notice the operator. The memory buffer contains the last file downloaded from disk into memory. The screen that is displayed is dependent on the type of device that is currently active.


If Advantech LabTool-48XP address is currently displayed in decimal format, clicking this button will convert and display the address in Hex. It needs the starting address, the ending address and the value to be copied into this block of memory.

Copy This function Advantech LabTool-48XP a block in memory Advantech LabTool-48XP a new address. It requires the starting address, the ending address and the address the block must be copied to. The search string can be text code or hex code, it can search forward from cursor position or backward from cursor position. Next This commend is to find the next string that fit the search string in the buffer.

Undo As you make changes to the memory buffer, Advantech LabTool-48XP changes on the current page are highlighted. If you choose this option, it Advantech LabTool-48XP reverse all changes made to the highlighted areas.


As soon as the changed memory positions move off the screen, Advantech LabTool-48XP get deselected by another command, the Undo command will not undo the changes. Check Sum This function allow you to calculated the check sum of the specific range buffer data, enter the From address and To address then click Check Sum, the check sum will display in the display. Edit the buffer logical device only When GAL, PALCE and other logical devices are selected as active device, the main memory buffer will contain a fuse map instead of hexadecimal value.

Advantech LabTool-48XP

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