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Acer Aspire Z3771 Driver

Product Support for. Aspire Z Model Name: AZ . Part Number: . Find another model. Menu. Drivers and Manuals; Community; Contact Acer; Product. Acer Aspire ZUR30P - all-in-one - Pentium G GHz - 4 GB - GB - LCD " Intel Pentium G / GHz. Acer Aspire desktop. PIM product data: Acer Aspire ZMB10B cm (") x pixels Touchscreen GHz 2nd gen Intel® Core™ i3 i Black.


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Acer Aspire Z3771 Driver

Alienware Area Desktop Coupon Acer's Aspire Z all-in-one desktop PC is part of Acer Aspire Z3771 vendor trend suggesting that users want these types of systems in their homes. Far from a conventional PC, the Z features a resistive 23in, Full HD touchscreen in addition Acer Aspire Z3771 regular keyboard and mouse peripherals.

It serves up an Intel Core i7 CPU, lots of RAM, a discrete graphics adapter and a useful grouping of connectivity features, but it could use a faster hard drive. Design and specifications The design of the Z isn't all that attractive.

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It has a silver outline around its black, glossy bezel and its stand is thick and reminiscent of an upside-down handle. It's definitely not as attractive as the HP TouchSmartfor example. You can't do Acer Aspire Z3771 more than plonk it on a desk and lean it back about 20 degrees. All of its components are housed within the case, and they are not easily accessible, which means that upgrades and repairs will require a fair bit of effort.

All you Acer Aspire Z3771 to do to set up the unit is plug in its beefy, external W power brick, which has been omitted from the case due to space constraints. Heat comes up through the top-rear of the screen and there is some noticeable whirring from the internal fans when the system is used in a quiet environment.

Acer ZUR30P Specs - CNET

Performance When we first booted the machine, it felt very sluggish; part of this was due to the pre-installed software that loads along with Windows 7. This includes McAfee Internet Security Acer Aspire Z3771 Norton Online Backup, which also have the annoying habit of springing pop-up notices — you'll have to activate or uninstall them to get rid of these.


During everyday operation, there were some times when applications sometimes stalled before opening and the overall feel of the system wasn't always swift, Acer Aspire Z3771 for the most part we had no problems with the systems performance. In 3DMark06, a score of shows that this PC won't be great for gaming, but that it might be able to handle some low resolution, low-detail games — it's definitely not a machine that's designed for gaming though.


What Acer Aspire Z3771 can do with this machine is run productivity software, photo and video editing software and multitask till you can't multitask no more. It's not as Acer Aspire Z3771 as a rpm hard drive, especially when moving large amounts of files, and this was shown in CrystalDiskMark, where the drive recorded a read time of 86 megabytes per second MBps and a write time of 82MBps.

Acer Aspire Z5771 touchscreen PC

Acer Aspire Z3771 For a desktop drive, we would have expected rates above MBps. In our Acer Aspire Z3771 file transfer tests, the drive recorded 48MBps, which is slower than most Intel Core i7-based notebooks, for example. It will prove to be a slow for disk-intensive tasks, whether managing files, or editing large video files, as well as when launching some applications.

The touchscreen But the main selling point, apart from the all-in-one, space-saving design, is the touchscreen, which allows you to navigate the system and select files with your hands. It's a resistive screen, which means that Acer Aspire Z3771 works with pressure rather than capacitance or optical positioning most all-in-one touchscreens we have seen recently, especially from HP, use optical technology.

Acer Aspire Z3771-UR20P

This means you can use either your finger or a stylus to interact with the screen. We found the screen itself to lack smoothness — our fingers couldn't slide across the screen smoothly most of Acer Aspire Z3771 time, and, at times, gripped the screen.

This made for uncomfortable navigation. We had a lot more fun using a rounded pen to navigate the screen. The Core i7 CPU provides more than enough grunt for the touchscreen interface, and you can use two touch inputs simultaneously.

The touchscreen can Acer Aspire Z3771 tiring to use for long periods of time, unless you keep the screen close and rest your elbows on the desk the whole time. We think the interface is best used to interact with the pre-installed Clear-Fi application, which is designed for touch input.

You can either click on the Clear-Fi icon on the screen to initiate it, or pinch the screen. Either action will bring up the Acer Aspire Z3771 of the software, which includes a media player for your videos and music. In the past, this application was a bit of a pain to use, but this version worked well.

It even makes it easy to access content from other computers on your network — the computers' icons are shown if they are found on the network and all you have to do is just tap on the computer you want to use.

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